Radermacher's News:

Sun, 02/19/2012
To the Editor:
I got a little laste of "Small Town America" this morning in Le Center and it was very sweet. I am working in the industrial park but I am not familiar with the commercial district in town. I was driving around this morning looking for a grocery store and not having much luck. I stopped and asked a lady hot to find the grocery store. She was very gracious and did everything but walk me to the store.
When I got to the store the lady who went in the door in front of me held the door for me (it's good to have white hair).
Inside the store a young man stopped working on his meat display and took me directly to what I was looking for. When I was checking out I was greeted by a very pretty and friendly smile.

As I was leaving two employees smiled and said good morning. Now I am a stranger and I was treated like a friend. I would imagine that local friends and neighbors are treated even better. The kind of attitude projected by the Radermacher employees is what makes it possible for small town stores to survive in this era of the big box "whim bam thank you madam service." It is tough to beat the "Big Box" on price and inventory but small town stores can kick butt on service and location and it seems that is what Rademachers Super Valu is doing. I hope the people of Le Center who love their small town will continue to do their best to make Le Center a special town to live in by supporting their friendly and close to home merchants.

Jim Morris Le Center. Published by the Le Center Leader.